stem cells in their environment

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vasiliki salameti




PhD student


•  MSc in Genomic Medicine at King’s College London (2017)

•  BSc in Biomedical Science at University of Kent (2013)

research project title

'Transcriptional and methylation profiling of adult skin keratinocytes upon aging'

core expertise

•  Gene expression

•  Bioinformatics

•  Cell culture


•  ‘NOTCH1 signaling in oral squamous cell carcinoma via a TEL2/SERPINE1 axis’. Salameti V., Bhosale P., Ames-Draycott A., Sipilä K. and Watt F. M. (2019) Oncotarget cover issue 63. PMID: 31827722 [PubMed]

•  ‘Patterning of human epidermal stem cells on undulating elastomer substrates reflects differences in cell stiffness’. Mobasseri S. A., Zijl S., Salameti V., Walko G., Stannard A., Garcia-Manyes S. and Watt F.M. (2019). Acta Biomaterialia vol 87 PMID: 30710711 [PubMed]