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Inaugural CSCRM Away Day

05 September 2019

We were delighted to hold the first Centre for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Away day on the 3rd September at Bush House, King’s Strand Campus. Thanks to our kind sponsors StemCell Technologies and Bio-Techne who joined us for the day, we were able to organise a varied and fun Away Day for our researchers.

The aims of the Away Day were to bring people from the CSCRM together to:

  • Learn about the research that is happening in each group at the Centre.
  • Enable researchers to learn from each other through sharing their knowledge.
  • To get to know each other better in an informal setting.

The day kicked off with short talks from Group Leaders in the Centre, including Professor Fiona Watt, Dr Rocio Sancho, Dr Francesca Spagnoli, Dr Aamir Ahmed, Dr Davide Danovi, Dr Shukry Habib, Dr Ivo Lieberam and Dr Tamir Rashid. Each Group Leader gave an overview of the focus of their lab and highlighted any key projects that they/their team were currently working on. These talks provided information about the expertise of each group and will hopefully stimulate new and strengthen existing scientific collaborations and interactions between members of different research groups within the Centre.

After the Group Leader talks and a short break, workshops with various themes related to research at the Centre came next.  These workshops were given by members of the Centre and one external speaker who had expertise in specific areas: Dr Toru Hiratsuka (Postdoc in Fiona Watt’s lab) and Dr David Willnow (Postdoc in Francesca Spagnoli’s lab) gave a workshop about “2D & 3D image analysis pipelines”; Dr Rocio Sancho (Group Leader), Dr Mukul Tewary (Postdoc in Fiona Watt’s lab) and Dr Miguel Bernabe-Rubio (Postdoc in Fiona Watt’s lab) gave a workshop entitled “Grant writing 101” in which they spoke about the basics of grant writing and how to be successful in obtaining grants; Dr Shahnawaz Ali (Postdoc in Fiona Watt’s lab) and Mr Christopher Lambert (PhD Student in Rocio Sancho’s lab) gave a workshop about “Bioinformatics related to sequencing data”; Dr Christina Philippeos (Postdoc in Fiona Watt’s lab) gave a workshop entitled “Flow Cytometry - lessons from an experienced user”; Laura Mueller (PhD Student in Francesca Spagnoli’s lab) and Victor Negri (PhD Student in Fiona Watt’s lab) gave a workshop about “CRISPR applications in stem cells”; Dr Tamir Rashid (Group Leader) and Dr Nihal Sinha (Principal at F-Prime Capital) gave a workshop entitled “Commercialisation of research - Investor and researcher perspectives”.

The final workshop marked the end of the “science” portion of the day and after some lunch we made our way to the British Museum for a treasure hunt. People from different research groups were placed into teams to facilitate interactions between people who may not have been familiar with each other prior to the event. Each team had to collect specific treasures by taking pictures with various artefacts throughout the museum and could pick up some bonus points along the way. The treasure hunt was a big hit with everyone who took part and there was a really fun atmosphere throughout the event.  Everyone participated really well in their teams and as well as learning about each other we were also able to pick up some history facts too!

Finally, we rounded off the day by going to a nearby pub for a celebratory drink (or a commiseratory one depending on what team you were on!) with the winners of the treasure hunt. Overall the day was a great success and we are already looking forward to next year’s Away Day.

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